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Oil Boiler Repair

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Abacus Oil Experts

We offer an emergency oil boiler repair service and stock parts for most oil boilers and burners so we can get your oil boiler up and running again as quickly as possible.

Abacus Oil Experts offer reputable and reliable oil boiler repair services. 

Our team of OFTEC trained and highly skilled and experienced oil boiler technicians will thoroughly and quickly diagnose the problem and replace any broken parts where necessary.

Common Oil Boiler Problems

  • oil boiler lockout

  • oil burner lockout

  • oil boiler black smoke

  • oil boiler not firing or oil boiler not firing properly

  • oil boiler bleeding

  • oil boiler exhaust fumes

  • oil boiler keeps sooting up

  • oil boiler keeps cutting out

  • oil boiler keeps needing to be reset

  • oil boiler leaking

  • oil boiler only runs for a few minutes

  • oil boiler smells

  • oil boiler rattling, oil boiler banging

  • oil boiler no power

  • oil boiler no lights

There are many reasons why any of these problems might be causing your oil boiler not working properly. Below we have listed just a few:

Oil Boiler Lockout

Oil boiler lockout is usually caused by a fault or blockage and occurs when the safety mechanism is initiated to prevent further damage to the heating system.

Oil Boiler Exhaust Fumes

Fumes usually escape due to faulty seals or gaskets. The fumes can be very dangerous and may indicate a leak that will have to be diagnosed and investigated. 

Oil Boiler Keeps Sooting Up

There are several problems that might cause your oil boiler to soot up like a faulty nozzle, blocked air intake, faulty motor or fan or incorrect oil pressure.

OFTEC recommends servicing your oil boiler annually. In many cases, this will prevent frequent and costly oil boiler repairs and breakdowns. If your boiler is very old then you might want to consider oil boiler replacement as the most effiecient and cost effective option.  

Get In Touch

Whatever the problem, we can help! We are experienced and OFTEC trained oil boiler specialists who will be able to professionally resolve any faults. Call us as soon as you can for oil boiler breakdowns and we will try to get to you on the same day.

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Abacus Oil Experts

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