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Oil Boiler Replacement

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Abacus Oil Experts

Our OFTEC trained oil boiler engineers provide an outstanding oil boiler replacement service within Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire & Bedfordshire area.

You can trust our experienced and OFTEC trained oil boiler technicians to carry out your new oil boiler installation to the highest standard, giving you total peace of mind and truly exceptional customer service.

Oil boiler installation cost can be a significant investment and we believe it is important that the choice of boiler is as important as your choice of installer. We are accredited installers of the most efficient and most reliable boilers on the market today:

We can also install boilers of other manufacturers if you prefer.

Replacing your old oil boiler with a modern and more efficient one is necessary to improve its safety and reliability. This, of course, also means your heating system will be less expensive to run and will reduce your energy bills.


Before we can provide you with a quote to install a new oil boiler we will meet with you and carry out a site survey, ask you about your current and future requirements from your boiler and ensure that the installation will meet with OFTEC and current building regulations.

The price of installing a new oil boiler will depend on many factors like the brand of the new boiler, model and size. We will also have to assess if any additional work is required to ensure your new system meets all the regulations.


Abacus Oil Experts technicians will take all necessary steps to ensure that your new boiler operates as safely and as efficiently as it possibly can.

 With every new installation, we carry out a power flush or chemical flush to ensure your heating system is in the best possible condition for your new boiler. We always add inhibitor to the system and include a magnetic filter to prolong the life of your new boiler.

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Contact us today to discuss your new oil boiler installation and our experienced oil boiler engineers will be happy to help and answer all the questions you might have.

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Abacus Oil Experts

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