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Keep Your Boiler In Great Shape

At the Boiler Health Club, we promise to keep your boiler running all year round

With membership to the Abacus Boiler Health Club, we will go the extra mile to keep your boiler fit and healthy so your home stays warmed up, especially during the cold winter months.


Most people aren’t aware of the importance of looking after their boiler until it’s too late. Any problems, even small niggling ones, tend to get worse over time and can be costly to fix. We want to help you save money in the long run from reduced fuel bills and unforeseen repairs without breaking a sweat.


Whether your boiler is as fresh as a daisy or on its last legs, we will help it go the distance with all the costs covered in your membership.


Abacus Oil specialises only in oil boilers, and as such, we have become masters of our craft. If we had to summarise our wealth of experience down to one point, it would be that if you treat your boiler nicely, it’ll be nice to you

Be one of our astute oil boiler owners.
Join the Abacus Boiler Health Club.

How does it work?

The Boiler Health Club is the most comprehensive and cost-effective way to keep your boiler running properly. When you sign up, we will carry out a full examination of your existing boiler and every year we will complete a Abacus Oil Experts 12-point annual check-up as part of your membership.

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Unlimited free repairs up to £300 per year

(parts and labour)


£10 Amazon Voucher for you every person you refer to us that signs up to the plan


10% off our tank installation carried out by Abacus Oil Experts


The annual 12-point check-up


Priority appointments


10% off replacement boiler carried out by Abacus Oil Experts


Receive reminders from us about check ups and servicing

Other perks of membership also include:

But how much does membership cost?

Don’t worry. Our pricing is simple, and we believe it is better to only offer a single, comprehensive plan that covers everything we could think of.

£23 pcm


No joining Fee*


No renewal Fee


Only a monthly fee of £23

*Heating Health Club membership begins the day after your boiler is serviced by Abacus Oil Experts and our 12 point heating healthcare check has been carried out. If we believe any items are likely to fail within 12 months of the check, we will ask you to have that item replaced before cover can commence. Cover excludes circulation pumps, diverter valves, thermostats, programmers, all heating and hot water parts for combi boilers, circuit boards and any external controls.

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Alternatively, ask your engineer, email us or call on 07968956977


The difference between

Abacus Oil Experts Heating Health Club and

Heating/Boiler Insurance:

Boiler insurance, is designed to provide cover for things when they have already gone wrong. To us, this seems very backwards – particularly for something so crucial.

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