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Oil Tank Replacement

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Abacus Oil Experts

We are competent, experienced and OFTEC trained oil tank replacement installers. We will make sure your oil tank installation complies with all the necessary legislation and advise you on the size and type of your new oil tank.

Many existing tanks no longer comply with current building regulations and we are happy to advise on the positioning and base requirements (we will carry out all work or provide the specification for you to complete the base yourself) for your new oil tank and oil line. 


We regularly safely remove old steel and plastic tanks and replace with bunded tanks. We  are now able to install fire protected tanks which offer more flexibility with positioning.

Things to consider when replacing or installing a new oil tank:

Tank Location

Oil spill impact on your property, health and the environment requires tank installations to comply with local building regulations and fire safety regulations.

Tank Type & Size

We can only install OFTEC approved oil tanks. This ensures high-quality manufacturing and testing standards. We will also advise you on the size of the new oil boiler tank to meet your requirements.  

Tank Support

Building and Fire Regulations require oil tanks to be installed on a stable level base for safety and environmental protection. 

Building Regulations

We are an OFTEC trained and accredited oil tank replacement specialists which means we can certify our work to comply with the current legislation, without involving costly Local Authority Building Control nspection.

Oil Tank Maintenance

It is the owners' responsibility to ensure your oil tank is not posing any health and environmental risk. The oil tank should be inspected regularly for any signs of damage, cracks or wear that could potentially cause a leak. We also recommend servicing your oil boiler and oil tank annually
If your oil tank is very old then you should also consider an oil tank replacement to prevent dangerous impact on health and environment. 

If you have a leaking oil tank, broken oil tank, smelly oil tank, burst oil tank, or split oil tank and are looking for a replacement oil tank, new oil tank, or to change your oil tank, whatever the problem, we can help!

Get In Touch

Contact us today if you have a leaking, broken or split oil tank. We will arrange to meet you to discuss your requirements and provide you with a free oil tank replacement or oil tank installation quote

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Abacus Oil Experts

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